Our Story

The Frog and Flute launched on June 1st 2020 with a goal of helping turn imagination into reality.

The Frog & Flute ceased trading May 2022. 

Any order yet to be shipped will be refunded within 12 weeks of initial order placement. 

Thank you for your time with us, it was beyond a pleasure. 

A message from the Founder


The Social Benefits of Dungeons & Dragons

Oct 06, 2021 Daniel Simm

Dungeons and Dragons has a few unique characteristics that sets it apart from the rest when it comes to improving mental well-being. In our latest blog, we look at why D&D is so great when used in therapy.

Gaming Clichés to Avoid

Sep 28, 2021 Daniel Simm

We need to talk about some of these Dungeons and Dragons clichés to avoid...

Three Ways To Start Your 5E Adventure

Sep 15, 2021 Daniel Simm

A group of misfits who had never before laid eyes on one another are suddenly galvanised by a tavern encounter to go forth and save the world together. It’s arguably Dungeon & Dragon’s biggest cliché.  “You all meet in a tavern” is not always the most exciting way to kick off a new campaign and to generate player excitement.  So we thought we’d share three of our favourites.