The Tavern doors are now open!

We are delighted to announce the launch of The Tavern at The Frog and Flute, a TTRPG based social platform where you are encouraged to sign up and interact in character.

In the Tavern, you’ll be able to communicate in character with other players all over the world to refine your roleplaying skills and develop your characters and how they'd respond to others.

We will be posting daily RP prompts, offering you situations, puzzles, and challenges that you're encouraged to react to in character.

We will also be releasing all new products here first and all Tavern users will get exclusive discounts and hear about our next moves first.

And, there’s also communities for ‘Swap Shop’ and ‘Q&A’ allowing you to trade dice and ask questions with other community players.

At The Frog & Flute we have always strived to transform imagination into reality, we did this for our first 12 months (and will continue to do so) with our dice and accessories store, and now it's time for a next step in The Frog & Flute social journey. The Tavern has been created as a space for anyone to come as whoever they want to be.

As always, respect your fellow users, if you have any questions feel free to message any staff members on the forum.

Enjoy, the doors are open now.


 Anastrianna Amastacias

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