Our dice donation creates State-side smiles

Valued customer and friend of ours, Patrice Grant, recently hosted a successful night of adventure in San Bernardino, California.

We were thrilled to hear how grateful the children were and the look on their faces when they got to keep the dice, a small gesture that went a long way, particularly following how tough the last 18 months have been for everyone.

We also loved hearing about how much love there was for The Frog & Flute from across the pond, with the event bringing complete strangers together to share their common passion for all things DnD. The endless kind words made all the donations worthwhile and even brought a tear to our eye.

Patrice, said: “Each table had the same adventure, but literally no one had the same results as they ran through it. One of my best memories was the rogue at our table hitting a nat 20 on a persuasion roll against an adult gold dragon that left me a little stunned with the unique turn the climax was taking. All great fun though!

“I know that to some people, it may have just seemed like a few dice and nothing more, but this night was truly incredible, and the look of shocked surprise on the kid's faces when they learned that they were able to keep the dice they played with was just priceless.”

We thank everyone for attending and we are pleased that the night went so smoothly, and fun was had by all.

Without the volunteers we wouldn’t have been able to make the night such a success and we sincerely thank you from everyone at The Frog & Flute.

In the future, we look forward to hosting many more nights like this as it had such a positive impact for the community and us personally.

The experience shared by all is the type of joy we have always wanted to create with our brand, and we cannot wait until the next one.

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