3 weeks in!

Well, we have had our new site up for 3 weeks and it's been BUSY. 

Moving across from Wix to Shopify for our hosting platform is something we've wanted to do since February this year, but I really lacked the knowledge to build a Shopify site and was firmly in my comfort zone with Wix as a service provider. 

Enter Nifty! 

Our new business partners, Nifty Communications, came onboard to make sure the new chapter of The Frog & Flute had the cleanest, finest designed website and we're about settled with it now. 

One main benefit we've been noticing is how "smoother" "faster" "easier" our new site and checkout system has been. 
Refining the authentic customer experience is such an important aspect of what we do, in fact in all aspects of The Frog & Flute as a business. 
Adding additional ways to pay, including ApplePay, GooglePay, Bitcoin and Ethereum, was important as we were noticing around 1 in 25 orders placed on our old system were declined/rejected through no fault of the customer, so allowing flexibility to cover all bases is important. Let alone the ApplePay checkout transaction process being almost 50% faster than standard (when checking out as a guest, it's longer when you sign up because of confirmations)

What's coming up? 

Well, we're working on something. Codenamed "The Tavern" I am super excited to share what this is. You'll hear more early July, but some of you most engaged Frog & Flute collectors may get something in your inboxes a little sooner. 

We've been spending some time with our local friends, Pop Patrol, they're a pop culture collectibles store close by our office in Bolton! You can now find copies of Hostage of Revenmar Tower in there alongside some of our dice. 

Thanks to one of our most loyal customers, Patrice Grant for telling us about a TableTop tournament taking place over in the U.S.A that she was involved with, we have sent over a box of prizes to spread the dice and DnD joy! 

That's all from me for now, 

I'll be in your emails soon,

Danny Simm
The Frog & Flute 

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